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The Academician Symposium on December 14th (1)
On December 14th, Nanjing Municipal Organization Department held a symposium of academician with the middle-aged top-notch talents in Nanjing Rubber and Plastics Machinery Plant Co., Ltd.

Nanjing University Professor, analytical chemists, Chen Hongyuan academician, researcher of Chinese Academy of Forest Chemical Institute, forestry chemical scientists Song Zhanqian, as well as pairs of the young fellow top-notch talents and personnel of Municipal Organization Department participated in the meeting. Zhao Jianhua, vice president of Nanjing Rubber and Plastics Machinery Plant Co., Ltd. took part in the symposium as a middle-aged top-notch talent. Young talented people have done a report of their personal working and other related training  situations to the academic team and listened to the academicians' guidance.